A Criminal Lawyer Defends People Not Criminals

A criminal lawyer is the most important piece of the American justice system and the justice system is the most important aspect of a democratic country. Without fair and balanced justice, no nation can stand, regardless of its other values or its political system. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” The criminal lawyer has, perhaps, one of the least respected and rewarded jobs within the legal system — defending the accused. It may not always be noble or clean but it ensures that the system remains intact. Not all those accused are guilty, and everyone must be given a voice. The criminal lawyer ensures that justice is fair and balanced, and they have a number of skills and experience that directly suit them for arguing on behalf of the accused.

Caught In a DUI

Those who are accused may not, and probably don’t, think of themselves as criminals. Take for instance, those charged with DUI. Someone charged with a driving under intoxication offense, probably doesn’t consider themselves a criminal, especially if this is the first time charged. However, DUI is an offence the State of Virginia takes very seriously and the accused may find him or herself facing criminal charges, including fines, loss of your license and possibly jail time. What is needed is a criminal lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the situation so that he can fight for the best outcome. These criminal charges may be difficult enough to face, but being convicted of drunk or drugged driving carries financial, social and professional charges as well. The fines can be expensive, but so can the costs of completing educational alcohol counseling, and paying vehicle insurance and paying for a vehicle ignition lock system. People convicted of drunk driving can lose their social status and perhaps, their employment. A criminal lawyer is your best advocate. He or she will be able to understand all the parts of what is always a complex situation.

To Address Complex Situations

In fact, every situation, not just drunk driving, is a complex situation. Not all those accused of a violent crime or a sexual assault or theft can tell the same story. Not everyone accused is guilty, or a criminal. The accused need a lawyer who can listen to their unique story and find a defense. A criminal lawyer can speak so that the complexities of the situation can be understood. Criminal lawyers must have a complete understanding of the criminal law as well as a lot of other skills so that they can properly advocate in these situations. Oral and written skills are essential, and so is skill in the power of persuasion. The jury must believe that the accused is innocent or that there are special circumstances in this case. Persuasion and argumentative skills are the main reason to hire a criminal lawyer in these situations. Persuasive skills include creative thinking and the ability to form analysis

There are other reasons also why a good criminal lawyer is essential to a good defense. Each case must be researched, investigated and understood, so that it can be argued to build the case for the accused client.

A criminal lawyer understands completely all state, federal laws and local bylaws. They understand the legal system and court procedures and even how the local people in the judiciary system think and operate. All those accused need someone with these understanding and skills to speak for them so that justice operates as it should.

A criminal lawyer doesn’t defend criminals, it defends the rights of people and the American justice system. Anyone accused of a crime, from speeding to first degree murder, will want to find a criminal lawyer with experience and skills to help and listen. Find a lawyer who will listen to you and keep your story confidential. A good criminal lawyer will likely provide an initial, free consultation, during which time the lawyer and the accused can get to know each other to see if the fit between them is right. In this time, find out how long the lawyer has been practicing, and what his experiences have been. Look for someone who understands your type of legal matter and has a good track record. Above all, look for someone sympathetic to your situation.

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