Hiring a Good DWI/DUI Attorney: 5 Important Tips!

When you are charged for a DUI/DWI charges, then for avoiding much legal harassment it is very important to work with a DUI attorney. Selecting the right DUI/DWI attorney for yourself or your friends or family is very difficult, but with proper planning and strategy, you can find the best DUI lawyer in Denver for your case.

A person who is facing criminal charges can suffer from severe penalties such as loss of relationship, jail sentence along with many other consequences. A criminal arrest of any kind needs an attorney’s advice and an attorney is the only person who can help you protect your rights.

Here are the five important tips that can help you find the best attorney.

1.  Expertise, knowledge and skill of an attorney

The DUI defense attorney or the lawyer should be skilled enough to understand your DUI/DWI case. The lawyer should have good knowledge about all the laws of a criminal charge, only then he or she is able to protect the accused from any kind of severe punishment. The attorney should handle most of the work need to be done in the criminal case.

The lawyer has the power to reduce the criminal charge of the accused and even lessen the severity of the punishment. This is only possible if the attorney has years of experience in handling such criminal cases.

2.  Attorney fees

You are already convicted of a criminal charge and you do not know that how much money you will have to pay and if in such a case, you hire an attorney whose charges is going out of your budget, then it can have severe consequences at the end.

It is better to ask for all the charges to the lawyer in the first meeting itself. A good attorney will always clear the charges in the first meeting only. If he or she has handled a number of criminal cases, then he or she has good experience in handling your case as well. The attorney can also have payment plans also, so better ask for them.

3.  Difference between a defense attorney and a public defender

It is important to understand the difference between the defense attorney and the public defender. Public defenders are for people who cannot afford a private attorney. They have fewer resources to use in your case. They may misdirect you in some very crucial stage of the case. It is better to go to a private attorney for your case as he is the only person who will spend all his time on your case.

4.  The educational background

It is important to find out the educational background of the attorney you are going to work with. Find out the school or college, he or she attended before becoming an attorney. You can find most of the information on the attorney’s website itself. The attorney’s standing in the legal community is also important to know before he or she starts working on your case.

5.  Defense as the core area of the attorney

There are many lawyers who work in different areas of the law, but this is an old trend now. Criminal defense requires great expertise. It is important for you to understand the difference between different types of lawyers and the type of cases they are working upon. You might find amazing attorneys, but you only need a defense lawyer. Significant experience in the criminal cases is required in a defense attorney or lawyer. It is important to find a lawyer who has addressed a hundred of criminal cases before you.

Sexual Assault – Four Tips to Help You Stay Safe

In every day or better to say in every single moment a great number of people, particularly women become victim of sexual assaults and given the kind of condition or situation that led to such incidents, the sex assault lawyer in Denver, Georgia, Boston, New York etc. find that often such crimes can be avoided if we just stay a little extra alert and conscious. One can avoid forceful sexual advances from known and unknown people if she follows a series of simple precautions. Though, staying alert from unwanted advances all the time is not possible at least one can prevent such occurrences just by developing some good habits. Still, many places on earth is not safe as far as such heinous crimes are considered and so you cannot help but looking after your own security by following some rules and precautions.

Let us provide here some effective tips

1.  Make sure your cell phone is ready with the emergency alert

Facing sexual assaults or situations as dangerous as rape the victim often desperately tries to reach for his phone but in most cases before she becomes able to do so the offender comes in her way. That is why it is extremely important to know the set an emergency alert message text or an alert call to someone of your family or close acquaintance. Various cell phone apps now provide easy distress message or distress call option from your cell phone. You can choose a number of persons from your phonebook as the receiver of distress calls or messages. Make sure that they know the meaning of such messages and calls and why they are important for your safety. It is advisable to choose someone from your family or close ones as the receiver of such distress calls as their reaction will be prompt to such situations.

2.  Make sure you do not need to ask for lift on your way back home

After a midnight party or late night show often people need to get back home through the dark streets and often being surrounded by strangers. If you do not have your personal vehicle it can be even more dangerous as you may be lured to take an easy lift to somewhere close to your residence. It is synonymous to leaving yourself at the hand of strangers and a great many rape and other sex abuse defense cases are reported from such situations. Even when you are driving your own car it is advisable to be on your guard concerning any request for lift. Take or offer lift only when you know the people you are travelling with.

3.  Take well-lit places for moving around at night

Sexual advances normally occur by shunning the visibility and psychologists agree on this primitive instinct. Naturally, as far as reports of sex crimes are concerned, most of them happen during night time and in dark alleys or invisibly challenging places. To prevent vulnerability of facing such situations it is advisable to avoid moving around in such nooks, corners or dark areas and instead take always well-lit places with people and vehicles buzzing and moving around.

4.  When going somewhere, make sure you know there someone trustworthy

When going to somewhere as a stranger among the strangers, being alone would be risky as far as chances of sexual assaults are considered. On the other hand, if you know some people in the crowd or attending guests in a party or celebration or a gathering, they can always keep an eye over you and you can feel yourself protected.

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