Hiring a Good DWI/DUI Attorney: 5 Important Tips!

When you are charged for a DUI/DWI charges, then for avoiding much legal harassment it is very important to work with a DUI attorney. Selecting the right DUI/DWI attorney for yourself or your friends or family is very difficult, but with proper planning and strategy, you can find the best DUI lawyer in Denver for […]

DUI Defense Attorneys in Denver for Alcohol and Drug Related Offenses

Alcohol and drug related offenses are not easy to handle, though their high frequency of occurrence often makes it seem like a popular and henceforth straightforward job to handle. Quite often it also happens that the citizen is found not to be fully aware of the circumstances and of the legal and protective entitlements they […]

Tips for Defending Yourself Against a DUI Charge

Driving under the influence (DUI), driving a vehicle while intoxicated more precisely drunk driving, drinking while driving are criminals. In some states, police charge DUI even if you are there in the car with the engine turned off and the keys in your pocket. If you caught on suspicion of drunk driving, you may face […]

What is the Difference between a DUI and DWI?

Driving while impaired is not only reckless and dangerous, it comes with some heavy penalties. Many people don’t realize that both drugs and alcohol can result in an impaired driving charge – and you should never operate a motor vehicle if you have taken any alcohol or drugs that impair you in anyway – prescription […]

Important Considerations if you are Charged with DUI

1.  Hire a Lawyer with Experience in DUI Law DUI laws in New Jersey are complex and hiring a lawyer without experience in DUI can be very costly to your defense.  One should hire a qualified attorney who is skilled in handling drunk driving cases and knows how to challenge field sobriety tests and blood […]

If You’re Searching for a DUI Attorney, Make Sure You Ask These 3 Questions

You’ve been charged with a DUI and know that you need an attorney, but now you have the task of finding the right DUI attorney to represent you in court. Chances are high that you’re not a happy camper right now if you’ve just been charged with an alcohol-related driving offence. Along with the charge, […]