Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer – Why You Need One

A chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help those who are seriously overwhelmed with debt. Filing for bankruptcy is not something anyone wants. But under the law, there is a provision to help those out of financial debt who are struggling to pay their bills. It can help people start afresh when the debt that was […]

The Difference Between a Bankruptcy Lawyer and all Other Lawyers

Well the main thing to note is that practicing law can have many niches or specializations. There are family lawyers, criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, tax lawyers and yes, even a bankruptcy lawyer needs to specialize. The reason behind specializing in different areas of law is because the law is a vast, complicated umbrella of human […]

Getting started on Chapter 11 with your bankruptcy lawyer

Although frightening and under difficult circumstances, bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the end. With the right bankruptcy lawyer, it can even be an advantageous boon to your business. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not a death, it’s an opportunity for reorganization and to take a new look at how your business is being run. You […]

Bankruptcy Attorney TV Ads

It seems as though nowadays everything is about flashiness and gimmicks. Businesses in almost every industry feel they have to produce flashy, attention-grabbing ads in order to drum up business. This phenomenon has even extended to law practice, with many lawyers producing television ads in order to attract clients. Odds are, you have seen these […]

Debt and Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt is an accepted fact of any human society. Wherever there are humans, there is a notion of credit and debt. One person exchanges a good or service and will receive remuneration for their service or product. Cattle for cloth, grain for sheep, professional expertise for food. It is older than coins and a little […]

Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer May Be the Best Choice You Can Make

In a world that runs on money and where financial success trumps all other ways of getting ahead, the word “bankruptcy” is just about the scariest one that anyone can think of. Bankruptcy means admitting to yourself and to the world at large that something has gone very, very wrong for you as well as […]