Disability Discrimination Issues and Resolving Conflict at Work

If you are employed in California and have a disability, your workplace rights are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a federal law, and also by the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which is a California state law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act will apply to you if you happen to have a mental or physical disability that limits the number and extent of the life activities that you can undertake. The disability can be a temporary one or permanent. The Act prohibits employers from treating you differently or discriminating against you on account of your disability.

The Fair Employment and Housing Act is geared towards employers with five or more employees and applies to people with permanent or temporary physical or mental disabilities.

In case you are experiencing discrimination in your workplace due to your disability, it will help to search online for “disability discrimination lawyer near me” and seek legal counsel.

The legal employment obligations of employers

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Employment and Housing Act, employers in California cannot do the following:

• They cannot treat you differently during the job application and interviewing process.

• They cannot refuse to hire you on account of your disability, especially if you are qualified for the job and can do it.

• They cannot harass and belittle you on account of your disability.

• They cannot allow other employees to harass and bully you on account of your disability.

• They cannot treat you as if you are incapable of performing well in your job role.

• They cannot use the disability as a pretext to demote you from your position.

• They cannot stop you from availing of training opportunities due to the disability.

• They cannot terminate you from employment on account of the disability.

• They cannot refuse to accommodate your disability in the workplace.

They must make reasonable accommodations for your disability. These can include the following:

• Restructuring your job to make it more convenient for you to do the work.

• Offering you the opportunity to work part-time or to a more flexible work schedule.

• Allowing you to take frequent work breaks and leaves of absence.

• Allowing you to work from home.

• Offering you another less demanding work position.

Please keep in mind, though, that that doesn’t mean acquiescing to every demand you make. The employer is not legally obliged to accede to your accommodation requests if they are unreasonable and are likely to cause unwarranted difficulties to their business operations.

Resolving disability-related conflicts in the workplace

The following tips may help you to resolve disability-related conflicts in the workplace:

Discuss the matter with the offender

Often, people may not be aware that you are offended by their behavior and actions towards you and that it is causing you emotional distress. It will help to broach the matter and calmly explain that you would like your future interactions to be more mutually respectful. In many cases, people will apologize and change the way they behave towards you. Even if someone is a bully, they may alter their behavior if they see that you are willing to stand up for yourself.

Ask your work supervisor to mediate in the matter

If you are not confident about approaching the person yourself or if talking to them does not have the desired effect, ask your supervisor to step in and mediate in the matter. They may issue them a warning and that may stop them from bothering you.

Report the matter to your company’s human resources department

If the person persists in creating conflict, you or your supervisor should report the situation to the company’s human resources department. Most companies have employee handbooks and company policy statements that prohibit workplace harassment and bullying. They will enforce the company policy by taking appropriate action against the offender.

Get legal advice from a competent employment lawyer

Some companies may drag their feet about dealing with the matter or they may not treat it with sufficient seriousness. In that case, you can search online for “Disability Discrimination Lawyer Near Me” and hire one to file a workplace discrimination claim.

Benefits of Using SEO Services for Your Law Firm

Whether you are running an advertising business or a law firm, the Internet is part of your business. It is common for people to use the Internet when they need professional services. To ensure people find your law firm when they need legal advice, you need to ensure your website appears on the top of search results for keywords belonging to your niche. To make things easy for you we have listed the benefits of using law firm SEO services for your legal business.

Inbound Marketing

SEO is an effective inbound marketing tool. When you invest in SEO, your website appears on the top of the search results. If a person is looking for a lawyer in Houston, he is more likely to use a search engine to find lawyers. The user will type keywords like lawyers in Houston, Houston attorneys, or similar keywords.

If your law firm has invested in SEO and targeted these keywords, your website is more likely to appear at the top of the search results page. In simple words, SEO puts your business in front of prospective customers without any advertisements. When the customers click on your link, he/she will be taken to your website where they can contact you for legal advice.


SEO is the most cost-effective way to stay on top of search results. Some might say PPC is the way. However, the truth is PPC is quite costly and you need to continuously spend to ensure your ads are displayed on the search results page. Once you stop spending you lose the competitive advantage.

Unlike PPC, SEO allows you to target more keywords including long-tail keywords that can bring good traffic to your website. In simple words, SEO gives you the freedom to select any number of keywords without worrying about SEO expenses.

High Rank on Google SERPs

Every business that invests in SEO including law firms has one aim to achieve a high rank of Google SERPs. According to a 2014 study, most clicks go to the first five listings on the search results page. The research shows 95% of the web traffic is received by websites that appear on the first search results page.

SEO can help you achieve a high ranking of Google SERPs that would ensure a steady flow of visitors to your website. When you achieve a higher rank, your website will have greater visibility and more people will know about your law firm and come with their legal advice requests.

Relevant Traffic

Law Firm SEO is based on keywords belonging to your business niche; that is legal services. Your website will only appear in search results when someone uses the keywords you are targeting. People use keywords like lawyers in Houston or Houston in Attorney when they need some legal advice or they want to file a lawsuit.

SEO ensures your website only gets relevant traffic and you have higher chances of converting prospects into customers. The better you optimize your website, the greater chances it has to achieve higher rankings and reach potential customers.

Return on Investment

SEO is a long-term investment and the returns are slow and steady. By investing in SEO of law firms you can reach the top of search results earlier than your competitors by spending less. When compared to social media selling, PPC, email selling, SEO offers a higher return on investment.


Today many Internet users use their mobile devices to search for products and services. SEO allows you to optimize your website for mobile devices. This ensures internet users have a good user experience when they browse your website through mobile devices. This increases the chances of conversion and reduced bounce rate significantly.

Builds Your Brand

Brand awareness is important to attract new clients. By making the consistent investment in SEO, you can ensure your website stays at the top for relevant keywords. By providing valuable information related to different laws in your domain, you can establish your website as an authority in legal services.

Google gives more weightage to authority websites as they provide a good user experience to the Internet user. This helps build your brand and brings in more business.

So do you have any questions about law firm SEO?

Step by Step Guide to Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents are unpredictable and can sometimes be so fatal that it can affect your whole life. You do not just suffer physically, but the huge pile of medical bills takes every inch of your savings. In such cases when you know that the accident was someone else’s fault, you must consult a personal injury attorney right away. Being a plaintiff, if you want to begin a lawsuit against the defendant then initially, you must file a complaint where you will demand the compensation for the damages that have occurred to you because of the defendant.

All the personal injury cases are different and that is why it is always suggested to consult a personal injury attorney in order to know how to proceed with the case. It is also important for you to know the basic rights in accident cases and how such legal issues can impact your rights. Since the law changes from state to state, your attorney must be able to help you out with your type of case with his expertise.

So, if you have recently met with an accident and looking for a personal injury attorney, here’s a step by step guide on how you can consult the apt attorney.

#1 Research and references

In these critical cases, you just cannot make a decision right away. For instance, if you have met with a car accident, then you must find an attorney who has expertise in car cases. Therefore, do your research, search on the internet, and ask your friends and family if they know any personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident cases. Ask them about their experience working with that attorney. Once you get the references, you can visit their website and read about their work.

#2 Shortlisting

Once you have a list of personal injury attorneys, it is time for you to shortlist three to four so that you can reach your final decision. Look for their work apart from the cases in society. See if they have any published articles on renowned platforms like the National Lawyers Guild to name a few. Through their such type of work, you will be able to know about their reputation. Once you research all of it, shortlist the personal injury attorneys and be ready to take the next steps.

#3 Scheduling interview

Once you know where to go, pick up that phone and call up to make the appointment with the shortlisted personal injury attorneys. Usually, the attorneys provide a free consultation during the first meeting, so you do not have to worry about the expenses.

#4 Collecting the evidence

Before you pay your first visit to the attorney, it is important to collect all the evidence where the accident took place. This evidence could be helpful in determining whose fault it was during the accident. If possible, take the pictures of the accident scene and make sure to document everything that you remember during that accident. This will really help the attorney to understand your case. If you have any witnesses, get their contact details and names.

#5 File complaint and get police report copy

You cannot visit the attorney empty-handed; therefore, the homework is necessary. Make a police complaint right after you have met with an accident and collect the copy for yourself so that you can present it to the attorney during your first meet. With such reports, the date, time, location, and other things get specified that took place during the accident.

#6 Consult personal injury attorney

Once you have everything with you, it is time to pay the visit to the attorney. The attorney will help you understand your rights and case. Tell everything that happened during the accident and make sure to clear out how much claim you are expecting since you have suffered huge monetary losses. Your attorney will help you out with the insurance, medical reports, negotiation with the defendant party, and representing on your behalf in the court.

It is advisable in cases on accidents to immediately seek legal help. This one-stop guide will help you make your decision on consulting personal injury attorney.

How Employment Lawyers Can Help You Deal with Abusive Bosses?

Abusive behavior by bosses is fairly common. Most employees just let such behavior slide for fear of losing their jobs or retribution in any other form. But if the abusive behavior is in excess or if the situation gets too toxic for you in the workplace, it is time to take action. A toxic workplace isn’t good for anyone. You can hire an employment lawyer to represent you and help you in this situation.

Here’s how an employment lawyer can help you deal with an abusive boss.


Abusive behavior by a boss can be in any form – bullying, extortion, physical violence, insults, harassment, or discrimination. If any form of abuse is occurring due to your age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality then there can be serious legal consequences for your boss as such discrimination comes under ‘protected categories’.

Employment law differs from state to state. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to take legal action against an abusive boss. For this reason, it is important to consult with lawyers practicing in your city or town.

You can find good lawyers via online searches. Simply use the keywords with your location; such as Glendale employment lawyer to find various law firms’ websites in your area. You can find more information on the lawyers by checking their websites. Choose a lawyer with adequate experience in handling all kinds of employment law-related cases.

Depending on your specific situation and state’ laws, an employment lawyer will provide you with the right legal counsel.

Documenting Abuse

Before you file the claim, your lawyer may ask you to start documenting the abuse. You may want to record any conversations between you and your boss. You may want to save any emails or documents that can point towards the abuse. Jotting down instances of abuse can also help you when preparing your claim. If you have medical bills for treatment of any physical abuse meted out to you by your boss then it is important that you preserve it. Your lawyer will guide you about documenting the abuse.

In case, for any reason, you decide to not file the claim (for now); the records of abuse can come in handy at a later date. Guidance about documenting instances of abuse can also be useful when you change jobs. Access to information can empower employees.

Legal Action

If the abusive behavior of the boss goes out of hand, it is time to take legal action. If abusive or offensive behavior is excessive, it can hinder your ability to work. It can also cause your mental and emotional trauma. If for some reason, you are not able to find new employment, it is imperative you take action to protect yourself from the abusive behavior of your boss. If you can afford to get in the nitty-gritty of the legal matters, then taking legal action (even if you can change jobs) will be the right thing to do. It will be the right payback for the abusive boss.

Your lawyer will provide you information on filing a claim. Once you are clear on the claim process, you will need to decide if you wish to go ahead with it. Once you file a lawsuit, there is not getting back from it. Your boss will know about it and even if you withdraw it; there is no guarantee that the situation at your workplace will improve for you. In fact, it might get worse.

In serious cases of abuse and when claim negotiations fail, you may have the option to go to trial. If the workplace abuse caused you severe psychological trauma, injuries, or impacted your ability to work productively; going to trial may be the right thing to do.

The trial will include collecting evidence to support your case. Your lawyer will try to convince as many witnesses to testify on your behalf. Powerful employers may try to interfere with the case, harm your reputation, or play foul to win the trial. But a good lawyer will protect you from such misuse of power and try to get you justice.




The Importance of Selecting the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are seldom straightforward. Such legal matters can become complicated due to the money involved in terms of the payout. It is also often difficult to prove the fault of the negligent party. So, it is extremely important to select only the best personal injury lawyer. Here’s more on the topic.

Personal Injury Lawyers and their Specialties

Personal injury covers different areas such as car accidents, truck accidents, slips and falls, wrongful death, serious injuries (due to a number of reasons), and more. Not every personal injury lawyer specializes in each of these categories. They may have their specific practice areas. So, you will need to find lawyers experienced in the category as per your requirements.

You can utilize online searches to find local personal injury lawyers. The emphasis is on ‘local’ as personal injury laws may differ from state to state. Use keywords such as Joliet personal injury lawyer to find what you need. You need to simply use your requirement and location together in the search keyword.

Due to their expertise in specific personal injury sub-categories; the lawyers gain mastery to deal with different types of cases related to the same. Their expertise bestows them with immense experience and knowledge to help their clients. When you hire such experienced lawyers, you also get the best outcomes for your case.

The Matter of Claims and Negotiations

Claims and negotiations are a big part of personal injury cases. Both these matters are complicated and need to be handled with care and tact. Only the best of lawyers with adequate experience and expertise can tackle them both with ease.

First, the lawyer will determine if your case is valid for filing a claim. Such consultations can save time and energy of the victims.

The claim process itself is rife with complexities. The lawyers will need to consider several factors to arrive at a just figure for their clients. The nature of the injuries, medical expenses, and the loss of income for the victims are common considerations for the claim.

The best lawyers will also consider emotional, mental, and psychological trauma that the victims go through because of their accidents or injuries. They will consider all future expenses due to medical bills and new treatments. The victims may not be able to find gainful employment due to their injuries or disabilities (owning to the accident). The lawyer will take into account such loss of income in the present as well as in the future.

The insurer’s claim may differ from what your lawyer calculates. The insurers are not known to pay fair compensation to victims. So, the best of lawyers will attempt to resolve the matter via mediation.

Negotiating with insurers is not easy. Only the best of lawyers can handle tough negotiations with ruthless insurers. Insurers are known to intimidate the victims and force them into accepting low compensations. But victims won’t need to experience such brutal behavior with the best lawyer by their side.

The Appeal and the Court Cases

Mediations can fail due to any number of reasons. Such occurrences are rare but possible mostly due to large claim amounts. The at-fault party may play stubborn or foul, and try to drag the case unnecessarily. But you needn’t settle for low compensation. The best of lawyers will go to court and try to get you the payout you deserve.

When it comes to court cases; it is even more important to hire really competent lawyers to represent you. It is best to choose one right from the start. But even if you didn’t find one at the outset; you can choose an expert lawyer later.

The best of lawyers will reference the right laws and cases (similar to your own) to make robust arguments in your favor. They have the right expertise due to their specialization in specific practice areas of personal injury law; and it proves useful in court. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. It means they will only charge a percentage of the compensation. So, ensure that you invest in hiring the best lawyer without worrying too much about their fee or your budget.