Why is it Essential to Hire a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

Arizona residents are legally entitled to receive compensation if they sustain any temporary or permanent injuries at their workplace. They can make claims for the medical expenses they incur for treating their injuries as well as for the wages they lose out on while being unable to work. However, the process of filing the compensation claim is complicated, and there may be many legal issues to contend with. By hiring a workplace injury lawyer, Phoenix residents can make sure that they receive the full benefits and monetary compensation that they are eligible for.

Here’s why it is essential to hire a workplace injury lawyer Phoenix:

They will help you navigate through complex legal issues

After you have sustained a workplace injury, you must inform your employer about your accident as soon as possible. The state law requires all businesses in Arizona to have workers’ compensation insurance, and your employer is legally obliged to send you to a medical provider in their insurance network. They must also report workplace injuries to their insurance company and the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA).

If they fail to do so, you must go to a medical facility on your own and tell the doctor that you got injured at your workplace. You must also file a workplace injury compensation claim with the ICA within one year of your accident. The ICA will review your claim and determine if you can qualify for the benefits you require.

The filing process can be complicated, and if you are not aware of all the legalities, you might end up getting less than you deserve. With a workplace injury lawyer to navigate through the legal matters on your behalf and look out for your interests, however, you can concentrate on recovering from your injury.

They will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf

Most insurance companies will make an effort to save as much money as they can. Which means, getting compensation from them isn’t going to be a walk in the park. They will try to find anything they can on you—for instance, if you have a pre-existing condition—to avoid having to pay you or to pay you less than you deserve. They may also drag out the matter and be tardy about the payments.

It could be rough and stressful for you to deal with the insurance company on your own, especially if you have little or no understanding of how the legal system works. That’s why it helps to have an experienced workplace injury lawyer to communicate with them instead.

They will represent you in any claim-related litigation

If for some reason, the ICA rejects your claim, you will have to file an appeal within 90 days of the issuance of the claim denied notice. You will have to attend a hearing and present your case before the ICA. Unless you have legal experience, it is a good idea to let a skilled workplace injury lawyer represent you at the hearing.

They will protect your legal rights

The compensation and benefits you can get depend on whether you have sustained a temporary or permanent disability due to the workplace injury, how many days you were unable to work, and what your total medical expenses are. If a third-party was responsible for your accident, then you may also be able to file a compensation claim against them. The lawyer will handle these matters for you. They will also see to it that you receive compensation if the workplace injury exacerbated your pre-existing condition. 

If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, the lawyer will make sure that you can still receive compensation. They will help you to file a claim that the Special Fund Division can then process for payment. The lawyer will also have your back if your employer fires you over the matter of filing the claim. They will take your case to the ICA’s Labor Department Division, and file for discrimination. You may be able to keep your job or receive compensation. As you see, by hiring a workplace injury lawyer, Phoenix residents can safeguard their rights and receive the full compensation and benefits available for their specific workplace injuries.

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