The Benefits of Hiring a Labor Lawyer

Labor lawyers can represent both employees and employers in negotiations. Labor law is a sub-category of employment law. Labor lawyers work with employees who are part of unions. They also work with employers who hire union workers.

Here are the benefits of hiring a labor lawyer.

Help with Negotiations

Unions work with a set of rules. They have representatives who deal with employers on every member’s behalf. Union member agrees amongst themselves about certain matters and then their leaders or representatives take the matter forward to the employer. They work as a group and hence have some power over their employers. They can negotiate with their employers for better payment terms and working conditions.

Employers can have a tough time dealing with unions. It is not easy to bully a group of employees in a union like it is too silent for one employee. It can often be difficult to arrive at a solution that works for both parties.

In such cases, negotiations can sour and work can stall. Union members can threaten to strike. Employers can retaliate with threats.

Labor lawyers can help with such negotiations by dealing with the other party in a peaceful manner. They can arrive at a solution that is legal and also works for everyone involved.

Labor laws about unions can differ from state to state. So, labor lawyers can help union members by informing them about their rights and guide them about the way forward in terms of the negotiations.

Dealing with Errant Workers or Difficult Employers

It is difficult to deal with union members. But not all union members may be good employees. As an employer, you may want to deal with an errant union member without riling the entire union. In such a case, it is best to hire a labor lawyer to deal with the situation.

On the other hand, union members may be tired with dealing with a difficult boss. The employers may not continue with their promise of an hourly rate hike or refuse to even hear them out at all. When such situations are more than plenty, it is time to hire a labor lawyer to deal with the situation. Dealings with errant union members can derail the employers’ relationship with the entire union. So, it is best to work with a lawyer to keep the situation uncomplicated but also deal with it as per the law.

Handling Lawsuits

Union members or a member of the union may want to sue the employer for mistreatment, wage issues, or any other reason. If the work environment is hazardous, the union members may demand better working conditions. If the employer doesn’t give heed despite repeated requests, the union members may threaten to sue the employer.

Labor lawyers can help the union members to file the lawsuits. They can guide the union representatives about how to go about it and even fight the case in court if the matter isn’t resolved by discussions or negotiations.

In such cases, employers will also need to hire labor lawyers to help them deal with the situations. Lawsuits can be tricky. They can completely derail a solid business too. So, working with labor lawyers can be extremely helpful to deal with the situations properly and peacefully.

Tackling Issues of Wrongful Termination or Firing an Employee

It is not unheard of when a union member is wrongfully terminated. The reason can be anything but a just cause. Labor lawyers can help union members to file lawsuits or negotiate a severance package due to wrongful termination. You may even ask for compensation for the injustice done to you. As an employer, you may want to fire a union member who is underperforming. You may have dealt with the situation in the past by holding talks with the employer about improving their performance. But your efforts may not have worked. In such cases, it is best to hire a labor lawyer to deal with the situation. Firing a union member (even one with consistently poor performance) can backfire for businesses. So, the services of a labor lawyer can greatly help. It is best to tread lightly when dealing with unions. The negotiation power of labor lawyers can be very beneficial in this regard.

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