Fighting Back Against Child Abuse Allegations

Another relative, teacher, babysitter, sports coach or member of the clergy --may have hurt your child. Child abuse is every parent's nightmare these days. Allegation of child abuse is an area of serious concern nowadays. Unfortunately, people still … [Continue reading]

What is the Difference between a DUI and DWI?

Driving while impaired is not only reckless and dangerous, it comes with some heavy penalties. Many people don’t realize that both drugs and alcohol can result in an impaired driving charge – and you should never operate a motor vehicle if you have … [Continue reading]

How to Select a Criminal Defense Attorney


Defending your rights in the courtroom is the job of defense attorneys everywhere. If you are faced with criminal charges, it’s important that you choose the right attorney to defend you. You have rights, and it’s the prosecutions job to prove you … [Continue reading]

How to Hire a Sexual Assault Attorney: 10 Steps

Another Saturday night, the beats are loud, the club is hopping, the world looks bright and anything can happen. It’s time to enjoy the weekend. The next morning the police are knocking at the door and talking about sexual assault charges. It was the … [Continue reading]

Your Guide to Choosing Personal Injury Claims Solicitors

When you have been injured, the last thing you want to think about is the process of fighting an insurance company for a fair settlement and choosing a solicitor to help you with your claim. You want to make sure you are making a sound decision when … [Continue reading]

Why You Need a Skilled and Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney to Defend You

We don't wake up in the morning planning to have a domestic violence incident. We never enter a fight with a spouse, child or other loved one with the preconceived idea of letting it get out of control. We also, for the most part, trust the people we … [Continue reading]