How to Hire a Sexual Assault Attorney: 10 Steps

Another Saturday night, the beats are loud, the club is hopping, the world looks bright and anything can happen. It’s time to enjoy the weekend. The next morning the police are knocking at the door and talking about sexual assault charges. It was the perfect evening, but suddenly your bright future is in jeopardy. What’s the next move? Not everyone knows how to hire a sexual assault attorney, but there are ways to keep that future on track.

The Facts

HowtoHireaSexualAssaultLawyer10steps1. Know the criminal code. Knowledge is power and prevention is obviously the best way to avoid finding yourself in this type of situation. In general, sexual assault is defined as voluntary sexual contact that occurs through the actor’s use of force, coercion or the victim’s incapacitation. Plainly, if the involved person cannot understand, or say yes or no to sexual activity, they are incapacitated. Their mental ability could be compromised by drugs, alcohol or other factors. It is wiser never to become sexually involved with someone who could be impaired.

2. Be proactive. Everyone makes mistakes. If you find yourself in a situation where there is a possibility of a sexual assault charge, then take the initiative. The best way to protect a bright future is to know when and how to hire a sexual assault attorney who has experience in sexual assault cases.

3. Learn your rights. You are not required to speak to the police about the situation. The police cannot enter your dwelling without a warrant. You may refuse entry. If charged, say nothing about the situation and request a lawyer. It is true that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Protect yourself by giving them nothing they can use.

4. Research the attorney. Knowing how to hire a sexual assault attorney who can put together a solid defense will have a major impact on the outcome. Years of experience, success rate and courtroom style are all things to look for in an attorney. Ask a friend, family member or colleague who may have experienced a similar situation and who had a positive outcome to recommend someone to call.

The Action

5. Make the call. Reach out to the appropriate law firm and tell them there is a need to hire an experienced sexual assault attorney. Explain the situation in generic terms and establish a professional relationship.

6. Tell the whole story. Be honest and forthright with the attorney. They have heard everything. Do not be embarrassed or hold back information to make you look better. They are working for their client and they cannot be effective without all of the facts.

7. Plan the defense. There are several ways to approach this problem. Denial or consent are the two most popular. Denial can be proven by means of alternative alibis or the ability to prove that the accuser has mistaken your identity. The consent defense is solid if the defendant can demonstrate that the accuser consented to the sexual encounter.

8. Do the research. Having figured out how to hire a sexual assault attorney now put them to work for you. They will have access to medical experts and psychologists that can help prepare for every possible scenario.

9. Tell trusted friends and family about the situation. Character witnesses may help the case. If you have people who can vouch for your integrity and the fact that you would never intentionally assault anyone, it is a good idea to make them aware that the police may wish to speak to them, or that your sexual assault attorney might want to have them testify on your behalf. Do not divulge any information to friends or family BEFORE talking to an attorney.

10. Make decisions based on the advice from your lawyer. You are paying them for their expertise. If they advise you to take the case to court then do so. If they advise you to plea bargain, then listen to them.

Fear leads people to make uncharacteristic decisions, and anybody can make a mistake. It is important to make a decision that will protect your future. How to hire a sexual assault attorney: 10 steps is one way to secure an educated and experienced professional to defend the case.