How a Workmans Comp Lawyer Fight for Your Rights?

When you sustain an injury on the job (with no fault of your own); you are entitled to receive compensation to cover any loss of income due to it or for the distress caused to you. But getting such compensation is never easy. Rarely will a company’s management admit its fault and agree to pay an employee exactly the compensation he or she deserves.

So, you need to find the right lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve. You can conduct a quick online search to find the names of leading workers’ compensation lawyers in your area. Use search terms such as Chicago workmans comp lawyers (if you need one in this city) or workers compensation lawyers near me.

Here’s how a workers’ compensation lawyer will fight for your rights.

By gathering evidence –

You are not likely to get any (or what you deserve) compensation without sufficient evidence to support your case. When you are injured, you are not likely to be in the condition to do so by yourself.

Your attorney will not only gather medical evidence but also testimonies and statements from vocational and other experts.

Your lawyer will collect all the essential medical records to support your claim. Your lawyer might also hire independent medical examiners to further support the statements of your doctors. Your lawyer may also conduct depositions of experts or key people related to your case. 

By negotiating on your behalf –

With the help of the evidence gathered and the medical expenses incurred by you, your lawyer will be able to draft a settlement structure to present to your employer. The settlement structure will also account for any loss of income you may have incurred due to the injury and will do so in the future. Your lawyer will consider the settlement structure from all angles before presenting it to your employers.

Your lawyer will also negotiate on your behalf for the settlement amount. It is unlikely that your employer will readily agree to your lawyer’s terms at the first instance.

By dealing with big insurance companies –

Insurance companies are often the villain when workers are denied the compensation they deserve. Insurance company agents are paid to pay the least amount of compensation. They can fight the case by employing any means necessary. Only an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can deal with such insurance company agents and get you the compensation you deserve.

By representing you in court during the trial –

In rare cases, the cases go to trials. When employers and their insurers are hell-bent on not paying a worker his or her rightful compensation, the case may go to trial. The fights in the court are likely to get nastier.

Your lawyer might need to gather even more evidence for the case. There is a lot of work involved even before the trial begins. Your lawyer will need to submit motions or petitions and other paperwork on time.

Your lawyer will then present your case before the judge with the evidence to support your claim. The trial may involve examination and cross-examination of the witnesses. Your lawyer will need a strong opening statement as well as a very robust closing argument. On top of it all, your lawyer will need to raise objections if the lawyer of the employer tries to attempt something that is not considered improper but may still be legal.

By getting you the best settlement claim –

Fighting a workers’ compensation case is not easy. You may be already dealing with the stress of the injury, loss of income, your family’s distress, and an uncertain future. At this time, the support of a competent and experienced lawyer can be extremely valuable.

Your lawyer may also guide you about including claims against third-parties. There is a lot that can be included in the workers’ compensation depending on the nature of the injury. For instance, other than your employer, the negligence of the equipment manufacturer (the tool you were handling at the time of your injury) may also be at fault. Your lawyer may guide you about the best course of action to take in order to get you the most settlement amount.