DUI Defense Attorneys in Denver for Alcohol and Drug Related Offenses

Alcohol and drug related offenses are not easy to handle, though their high frequency of occurrence often makes it seem like a popular and henceforth straightforward job to handle. Quite often it also happens that the citizen is found not to be fully aware of the circumstances and of the legal and protective entitlements they are equipped with. Therefore in such cases it is highly advisable to go or DUI defense attorneys especially in the state of Denver. The other driving requirement leading to asking for professional help is the one week window allowed before you start defending your rights as a citizen of the state. Not knowing the legal intricacies properly can lead to a situation where a citizen faces maximum punishment and therefore it is mandatory to ask for legal help as quick as possible.

Advantage of being on the other side

The advantage with DUI defense attorneys in Denver is that they have vast experience of being on both the sides of the law for long. Most of them, before coming full time into the world of private practice had acted as public prosecutors and has taken part in passing judgements against public misdemeanour and all other types of felony. This makes them aware of the institutional loop holes and all the legal rights to which an ordinary citizen can take resort.

These cases are actually hard to prove and prosecute

The popular belief is that alcohol and drug related offenses are easy to prove and hence punishments are almost confirmed once someone has been booked for the same. In reality, if a defense lawyer knows the codes and his arguments well, the cases are pretty simple to get rid of. Years of courtroom experience accumulated from acting as juries and private practitioners has made Denver DUI defense lawyers the best bait to go for.


Alcohol and drug related offenses

Apart from turning to a Denver defense lawyer fast and quick, it is also important that the citizen is aware of the basic premises of such laws and these premises are as follows –

If the accused or charged citizen is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, it will be decided depending upon the quantity of alcohol what kind of charges are to be put against the driver. The basic two charges are

DWAI – Driving while ability impaired

DUI – Driving under the influence

These two categories have different legal expressions and it is important that a common citizen knows the distinctions well.

Driving while ability impaired is obviously considered as a lesser crime than Driving under influence and the local law is of the view that if the BAC, which is a measure of the alcohol content in someone’s blood, is in between 0.5 to 0.8 then there is reason to believe that the charged person was driving with his abilities partially impaired due to alcohol and if the BAC is found to be less than 0.5 then apparently there is nothing major to worry.

A person with more BAC than the DWAI limit can be booked under the serious charge of DUI and unlike DWAI, if not properly fought, a DUI can result into one year suspension of the charged person’s driving license.

Apart from getting the driver’s license suspended the penalty for a DUI  can result into 5 days of imprisonment and a penalty ranging between $ 600-1000.

Keeping all these in retrospect it is important that DUI defense attorneys are consulted whenever someone is charged with drug and alcohol related offenses.

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