Benefits of Using SEO Services for Your Law Firm

Whether you are running an advertising business or a law firm, the Internet is part of your business. It is common for people to use the Internet when they need professional services. To ensure people find your law firm when they need legal advice, you need to ensure your website appears on the top of search results for keywords belonging to your niche. To make things easy for you we have listed the benefits of using law firm SEO services for your legal business.

Inbound Marketing

SEO is an effective inbound marketing tool. When you invest in SEO, your website appears on the top of the search results. If a person is looking for a lawyer in Houston, he is more likely to use a search engine to find lawyers. The user will type keywords like lawyers in Houston, Houston attorneys, or similar keywords.

If your law firm has invested in SEO and targeted these keywords, your website is more likely to appear at the top of the search results page. In simple words, SEO puts your business in front of prospective customers without any advertisements. When the customers click on your link, he/she will be taken to your website where they can contact you for legal advice.


SEO is the most cost-effective way to stay on top of search results. Some might say PPC is the way. However, the truth is PPC is quite costly and you need to continuously spend to ensure your ads are displayed on the search results page. Once you stop spending you lose the competitive advantage.

Unlike PPC, SEO allows you to target more keywords including long-tail keywords that can bring good traffic to your website. In simple words, SEO gives you the freedom to select any number of keywords without worrying about SEO expenses.

High Rank on Google SERPs

Every business that invests in SEO including law firms has one aim to achieve a high rank of Google SERPs. According to a 2014 study, most clicks go to the first five listings on the search results page. The research shows 95% of the web traffic is received by websites that appear on the first search results page.

SEO can help you achieve a high ranking of Google SERPs that would ensure a steady flow of visitors to your website. When you achieve a higher rank, your website will have greater visibility and more people will know about your law firm and come with their legal advice requests.

Relevant Traffic

Law Firm SEO is based on keywords belonging to your business niche; that is legal services. Your website will only appear in search results when someone uses the keywords you are targeting. People use keywords like lawyers in Houston or Houston in Attorney when they need some legal advice or they want to file a lawsuit.

SEO ensures your website only gets relevant traffic and you have higher chances of converting prospects into customers. The better you optimize your website, the greater chances it has to achieve higher rankings and reach potential customers.

Return on Investment

SEO is a long-term investment and the returns are slow and steady. By investing in SEO of law firms you can reach the top of search results earlier than your competitors by spending less. When compared to social media selling, PPC, email selling, SEO offers a higher return on investment.


Today many Internet users use their mobile devices to search for products and services. SEO allows you to optimize your website for mobile devices. This ensures internet users have a good user experience when they browse your website through mobile devices. This increases the chances of conversion and reduced bounce rate significantly.

Builds Your Brand

Brand awareness is important to attract new clients. By making the consistent investment in SEO, you can ensure your website stays at the top for relevant keywords. By providing valuable information related to different laws in your domain, you can establish your website as an authority in legal services.

Google gives more weightage to authority websites as they provide a good user experience to the Internet user. This helps build your brand and brings in more business.

So do you have any questions about law firm SEO?