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Why You Need a Skilled and Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney to Defend You

We don’t wake up in the morning planning to have a domestic violence incident. We never enter a fight with a spouse, child or other loved one with the preconceived idea of letting it get out of control. We also, for the most part, trust the people we live with not to make false accusations of violence against us. Unfortunately, there are many instances of these things happening every day. Tempers flare, the situation worsens, and an incident can take place that leaves you in need of a lawyer. When your home situation takes a turn for the very worst, you need a domestic violence attorney to help you get your life, both inside and outside the home, back to its peaceful norm.

Why do I need help?

Even if the accusation made against you was false, you need to contact a domestic violence attorney. In fact, you should do this especially if the accusation is false. The laws surrounding domestic violence can be complex and many of them carry extremely heavy penalties. You may be reluctant to get a lawyer whether or not you committed the acts of which you are accused.

If you have been falsely accused, you may feel that contacting an attorney will make you look guilty. This is not the case. A domestic violence attorney will understand how to help you recover from the incident in such a way that the damage to your personal life will be reduced. If you are guilty, you may feel conflicted about seeking the protection of an attorney. You may feel that you don’t deserve it, or that there is no way out of the mistake you’ve made. Again, this is not the case. Domestic violence attorneys cannot make your crime disappear, but they can help minimize the damage to you and your family life that may result.

What can I lose?

Because domestic violence cases so often involve extremely vulnerable people, such as children, elderly people or people with disabilities, the penalties involved can be very, very steep. When you stand accused of domestic violence, you are in a very precarious position. Most obviously, you run the risk of losing your family. When the police are called to investigate a domestic disturbance, they will often automatically arrest the person accused of being the aggressor. This arrest comes bundled together with a mandatory restraining order that can make it hard to contact your family in order to reconcile with them.

A domestic violence charge, whether true or not, can negatively impact your reputation for the rest of your life. Even a false charge can label you as someone who abused his or her spouse or children. This can affect your professional life as well as your personal life. Finally, the crimes associated with domestic violence carry serious legal penalties. You can pay fines, lose privileges or even spend time in jail.

When should I contact an attorney?

When it comes to contacting a domestic violence attorney, the answer is easy: the sooner the better. These incidents can spiral very quickly out of control. Phone calls can be made and damaging information, including damaging falsehoods, can be posted on the internet. If you are the victim of false accusations, the presence of an attorney or even the knowledge that a lawyer will be called can be enough to help your accuser think twice about their actions. If you did, in fact, commit a crime against a family member, an attorney will know how to help defuse the long-term effects of your actions. When emotions are high and much is at stake, you have no time to lose.

What will happen?

Every case is different, and it’s hard to know for certain what will happen in a specific case. However, contacting a domestic violence defence attorney will almost certainly make things more manageable. If you are guilty of domestic violence, a lawyer may be able to help create a situation wherein you can reconcile with the people you wronged so you can have a chance to rebuild your life. If you are innocent, your reputation and your family relationships may be preserved. Don’t hesitate on this matter: contact an attorney and help get your life back on track.